Hi and welcome to my blog! This is my first blog and I love to write and let other people see my thoughts. Ever since I was little I have had a passion for beauty and fashion. I thought creating a blog  would be a great way to share my hair and beauty stories and experiences with others. In addition to learning more from others as much as I can also. I am completely obsessed with hair products and probably buy more than I should.

  I compete in beauty pageants as my hobby and I have learned so many makeup and secret fashion tips from competing. I started competing when I was 17 and 4 years later I am completely in love with pageants. I compete in MUO  and MAO pageants.  My dream is to be Miss USA one day! I am still in school and trying to figure out what it is that  I am meant to do . I have learned so much about myself and the pageant world in general throughout the years.

   I have learned so much from youtube bloggers regarding going “natural” and the ups and downs of the natural hair journey.  Hope you guys enjoy , learn , and also teach me a couple of things!

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