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While the transition process to natural hair may be difficult there are ways to help ease this process. A great way to make this transition process less stressful on you and your hair is to wear your hair in protective hairstyles. While you are going through the transitioning process your hair will become two different textures. Some people choose to do a “big chop” and just cut off the relaxed ends.  If you’re someone like me you and you are not ready for that huge step than protective styling may be for you. Protective styling are ways to style your hair that keeps your ends protected and helps with new growth.   Some protective styles are braids, twists, sew ins, and bandu knots. My favorite protective style to wear are sew-in extensions. Most of the pics you will see me wear are sew ins, for me they work.  That way I can keep my hands out of my hair but, I always still remember to moisturizer underneath it.  It is up to you  and, what you feel most comfortable in.

 Check out this video for great tips for transitioning from relaxed to natural hair !

In addition to knowing how to style your hair it is important to put the products in your hair that will help your hair grow healthy, which is the whole purpose of going natural. The best products for transitioning and natural hair are natural hair products. Products that have a lot of extra chemicals and oils your hair doesn’t need will only do damage to your hair and cause breakage. During your natural hair transition your hair is at its most fragile state, you need to take care of your hair and nurture it . It is not an easy process but it will more than pay off.

This video has great advice on natural hair products

. The natural hair journey is called a “journey” for a reason. You will get annoyed and at times feel like you want to give in to getting a relaxer. When your is natural it grows healthier, longer and faster. My hair broke off so much when I was constantly getting relaxers, and using the wrong products. I learned the hard way that I needed I change. I have been post relaxer for about 8 months now and I am still going strong. It’s not easy but I know it will be worth it . I have seen improvements in my hair and I have also had to deal with breakage. Transitioning is not perfect and you have to find out whats right for you. Good luck on your natural hair journey!