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       Ever since I could remember I have been a fanatic about all things beauty and hair. Some people are into sports or Cars, well I’m into beauty and  hair. If I had to make an invoice of all the products I have in my bathroom cabinet I could probably open up my own beauty supply store!   As all girls are going through the stages of becoming into a young women you are trying to find your style and what works for you. It can be a very hard, confusing task when there are millions of products out here and magazines telling you whats cool or not.

 My new Journey!!!!



My goal for How I want my natural hair to look!

 I love to try different styles and see what works for me . It takes time and lessons learned but as girls we will find our way.  I have recently became in Looovvvveeee with makeup. From eyeshadow to liner to the best lip gloss, I just can’t get enough. In addition to my love of makeup , I have started a new journey. This journey is My natural hair Journey. I am about 7-8 months post relaxer and the transition process is unlike anything I expected. The two textures in my hair are driving me crazy and I am so tempted to get a relaxer.However, I am determined to stick it through for the results I so desperately want. I have considered doing aBig Chop” but I can’t imagine cutting off all my hair completely. I have been learning to use natural hair products , how to keep protective hair styles and moisturize my hair. I have learned so much thanks to the many youtube bloggers.  I feel everyday it is an ongoing learning process and this is going to be an interesing journey.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog and learn some thing in the process!